Goodbye obnoxious GSM racket?

I wish I was writing this post to tell the world that by some miracle someone has come up with a universal solution to the dit-ditta-dit-ditta-dit-ditta-bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ that you hear when you get your cell phone too close to your speakers. Alas, I’m writing this post only to share a possible one-off solution that might also work for you.

I have this Sony clock radio that has a built in dock connector to play music from your iPod/iPhone. It came with a little remote that you can use to navigate the iPod interface, which actually works surprisingly well with the iPhone. But, even with all these features, I only use it to charge my iPhone at night because if I actually turn it on I get GSM death sound. Sony has since released a new version of it that says it’s iPhone compatible, but I’m not sure if that means they shielded the speakers from this interference or if they tweaked something to suppress the warning that pops up on the iPhone that says it’s not compatible.

However, last night was the first time I connected the 3GS to the dock connector. I had it connected to the wi-fi network, so I figured I’d go ahead and listen to some music while I fell asleep. It occurred to me this morning that I heard less interference that I normally do, even when I’m connected to wi-fi, so I conducted a little test. First, I turned wi-fi off. There was no immediate interference like there would have been when turning off the wi-fi on the 2G. Next I disabled 3G and the interference started. Does this mean 3G doesn’t make that god-awful racket that we’ve all come to hate? That’d be pretty awesome! As a final step I left the phone docked, turned off wi-fi and left 3G on and had Angela call me. There was still no interference!

Has anyone else had this experience? It seems too good to be true.

Also, I’m sorry for letting the mp3 automatically start when you load this page. This could be new rick rolling.

Thanks to Secret Design Shop for the audio clip. If you’d like, you can get the mp3 from here and use it as your ringtone. You sick bastard.

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