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SVN does not work with Pages documents

Something relating to the structure of the Pages file, and it being a “package” and not an actual binary file makes it so that version controlling it with SVN doesn’t work.  You can check it in and out, but as soon as you open it again, it overwrites some meta stuff that SVN wrote inside [...]

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Discovery Cancer Collage demo @ MAX 2007

Check out our own Anthony Franco discussing and demonstrating Discovery Channel’s Cancer Collage with Adobe’s Julie Campagna:

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It's official! We're writing a book…

Yup. Juan Sanchez and I are writing a book about creating visual experiences with Flex.  If you saw our 360|Flex presentation in Seattle, the book is an expanded and formalize version of that.  Basically, we’re covering: Styling Graphical Skinning Programmatic Skinning Effects Transitions Filters Fonts Dynamic Layout More! We’ll go in depth about each of [...]

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