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Flex Development on a Mac

I am yet another Flex developer that prefers the OS X operating system, and needed a way to write, debug, test and tweak Flex applications. With Adobe firmly claming, “The initial of Flex Builder 2.0 will be available on Windows only”, it seemed as though I had limited options: Use the comand-line compiler and debugger [...]

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Hello, Welcome, Etc…

It’s about time I finally started a blog. I’ve been putting it off for too long with no good reason what-so-ever. I suspect it’s one of those things that’s hard to start, but gets easier (and probably addictive) as you work it into your daily/weekly routine. I’ve received so much great info from other developer’s [...]

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I am a Flex/Flash developer based in Denver, Colorado at a company called effectiveUI. We specialize in large-scale, custom web applications for enterprise clients, and custom component development. Within the last year we’ve grown from two developers to over a dozen and joined forces with I focus primarily on developing reusable user-interface controls, defining [...]

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