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A Better Prompting TextInput with Flex 4

There are two ways to share data between a Flex 4 Spark component and its skin: you can either pull the data from the component into the skin or you can push the data to the skin from the component. It’s a subtle difference, but the latter approach is recommended because it does not rely [...]

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Speaking at Denver Flash Camp on 06/21/09

Next Monday, RJ Owen and I will be doing a Flex 4 Deep Dive which will cover some of the UI goodness in the new framework. We’re going to discuss additions/changes to the UIComponent life-cycle in Flex 4, creating and skinning custom Spark components, and integrating Flash Builder and Catalyst. There’s lots of cool stuff [...]

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Flex 4 IconButton

Yesterday, Andrew Westberg posted the following comment on my post about creating a custom Flex 4 component. I’ve heard some complaints that Flex 4 is much more verbose for doing what was simple in 3. One example is adding an icon to a button. Thoughts on that? At first, I misunderstood him and thought he [...]

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