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Prompting TextInput with Flex 4

Tonight I built a component that I’m sure most of us have built a half-dozen times before – a text input that displays a prompt inside of the component when no text has been entered and the component is not focused. The difference this time is that I built it as a Flex 4 Spark [...]

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Creating programmatic skins (Part I)

During and after my Creating a Visual Experience with Flex 2 presentation with Juan Sanchez, I received a ton of great feedback and great questions. Several people expressed interest in learning more about programmatic skinning. So, my intention here is to create a small series of posts to dive deeper into that topic. As a [...]

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Goodies from 360|Flex

Slide deck, before and after source code, and list of killer resources available here: Stay tuned. Per some of the post-session Q&A, I’m putting together a series of posts on programmatic skinning. Thanks to all of those who attended and all the folks at EffectiveUI for their support.

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Juan from ScaleNine and I are joining forces at 360Flex!

Before reading any further, if you’ve not seen, check it out. They’ve done some totally amazing stuff with graphical skinning over there. The themes are just plain awesome. Juan Sanchez and I both signed up to speak at 360Flex on pretty similar topics. His, “How to Create a Theme” and mine, “Skinning and Styling”. [...]

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Not all skins are created equal

At effectiveUI, as part of our effort to simplify the workflow between designers and developers, we’re working on a utility component to simplify the creation of programmatic skins. Think of it as a simple rectangle that supports multiple strokes with a rather elegant API. The first iteration of the component extended UIComponent because we wanted [...]

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