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Prompting TextInput with Flex 4

Tonight I built a component that I’m sure most of us have built a half-dozen times before – a text input that displays a prompt inside of the component when no text has been entered and the component is not focused. The difference this time is that I built it as a Flex 4 Spark [...]

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Work-around for XMLDecoder Bug #SDK-17271

View Flex Bug #SDK-17271 After a whole bunch of digging around under the hood of the mx.rpc.XMLDecoder class, I finally pinpointed the line that is causing it to incorrectly decode elements that do not have sub-elements. Basically, when it gets to an element that it considers to have simple content (meaning just a string value [...]

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Repeater width? Really?

So, I came across a weird bug in a project that I’m working on where I’m getting a flicker when transitioning between children within a view stack.  On each child in the stack I’ve specified a hide and show effect so that when I switch from one to the other, the existing view slides out [...]

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Creating programmatic skins (Part I)

During and after my Creating a Visual Experience with Flex 2 presentation with Juan Sanchez, I received a ton of great feedback and great questions. Several people expressed interest in learning more about programmatic skinning. So, my intention here is to create a small series of posts to dive deeper into that topic. As a [...]

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Goodies from 360|Flex

Slide deck, before and after source code, and list of killer resources available here: Stay tuned. Per some of the post-session Q&A, I’m putting together a series of posts on programmatic skinning. Thanks to all of those who attended and all the folks at EffectiveUI for their support.

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Juan from ScaleNine and I are joining forces at 360Flex!

Before reading any further, if you’ve not seen, check it out. They’ve done some totally amazing stuff with graphical skinning over there. The themes are just plain awesome. Juan Sanchez and I both signed up to speak at 360Flex on pretty similar topics. His, “How to Create a Theme” and mine, “Skinning and Styling”. [...]

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ToggleButtonBar does not behave as advertised

The ToggleButtonBar component, included in the Flex 2.0 framework extends ButtonBar and adds the toggleOnClick property. When set to true, this property is supposed to allow the user to deselect the currently selected button, which then sets the selectedIndex property to -1. This is what the documentation claims anyway. What actually happens is a little [...]

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-keep on rockin'

After months of trying to solve a single bug (on a personal project), the files generated by passing the -keep option to the mxmlc compiler provided invaluable insight. Apparently, ActionScript components that implement IUIComponent will be treated slightly differently during the MXML->AS conversion magic. Namely, bound properties will be set up at a slightly different [...]

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Persisting Workspace Preferences in Eclipse and Flex-Builder

Do you use multiple Eclipse/Flex-Builder workspaces? I generally use a different workspace for each project I’m working on just to keep things organized. I have the trunk of whatever the project is, some sandboxes, some examples, etc. It works really well, but it drives me nuts that every time I make a new workspace, my [...]

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360 Flex

Don’t miss 360 Flex in Seattle (Aug 13-15). They’ve line up a very respectable slew of speakers to present on the hottest Flex topics around. They’ve posted a sneak preview of the sessions here. It looks like effectiveui will have quite a presence there. Check us out

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