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Integrating Flex and Facebook

Tonight I will be doing a session on Integrating Flex with Facebook at the Denver RIA Developer’s Group meeting.  I’ve been working almost exclusively with Flex and Facebook for about the last 6 months, and am excited to share what I’ve learned.  Check back here for slides/screencast.  For now, here’s a link to a Google [...]

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Great experience with

I don’t normally consider myself to be a pain-in-the-ass customer, but over the past week I’ve been one to RadTech and they’ve gone out of their way to be more than accommodating.  I can’t let this great experience go unblogged. So, here’s the deal: I recently ordered a new MacBook Pro for personal use and [...]

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Problems Using Nightly Builds for Flex 4 SDK

Yesterday, I encountered bug where a TextInput would no longer correctly receive focus if its text property was programatically set. I checked for the issue, but couldn’t find anything about it. As a final check before reporting a bug I decided to try a nightly build to see if the bug had been indirectly [...]

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A Better Prompting TextInput with Flex 4

There are two ways to share data between a Flex 4 Spark component and its skin: you can either pull the data from the component into the skin or you can push the data to the skin from the component. It’s a subtle difference, but the latter approach is recommended because it does not rely [...]

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Goodbye obnoxious GSM racket?

I wish I was writing this post to tell the world that by some miracle someone has come up with a universal solution to the dit-ditta-dit-ditta-dit-ditta-bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ that you hear when you get your cell phone too close to your speakers. Alas, I’m writing this post only to share a possible one-off solution that might also [...]

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Speaking at Denver Flash Camp on 06/21/09

Next Monday, RJ Owen and I will be doing a Flex 4 Deep Dive which will cover some of the UI goodness in the new framework. We’re going to discuss additions/changes to the UIComponent life-cycle in Flex 4, creating and skinning custom Spark components, and integrating Flash Builder and Catalyst. There’s lots of cool stuff [...]

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Flex 4 IconButton

Yesterday, Andrew Westberg posted the following comment on my post about creating a custom Flex 4 component. I’ve heard some complaints that Flex 4 is much more verbose for doing what was simple in 3. One example is adding an icon to a button. Thoughts on that? At first, I misunderstood him and thought he [...]

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Prompting TextInput with Flex 4

Tonight I built a component that I’m sure most of us have built a half-dozen times before – a text input that displays a prompt inside of the component when no text has been entered and the component is not focused. The difference this time is that I built it as a Flex 4 Spark [...]

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Custom State Overrides in Flex 3

Goal Add an item to an ArrayCollection when changing states. Challenge The AddChild override only works to add visual children to other DisplayObjects, which leaves you with the option to use a SetProperty override to completely replace the source of the ArrayCollection — or you could listen for the enter event on the state and [...]

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Work-around for XMLDecoder Bug #SDK-17271

View Flex Bug #SDK-17271 After a whole bunch of digging around under the hood of the mx.rpc.XMLDecoder class, I finally pinpointed the line that is causing it to incorrectly decode elements that do not have sub-elements. Basically, when it gets to an element that it considers to have simple content (meaning just a string value [...]

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